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Investment Options

We believe in letting you run your business the way you want, so Cornerstone advisors have several options when it comes to choosing the right investments for their clients. None include proprietary products or conflicts of interest, so you can remain independent in the advice you provide to your clients.

Model Wealth Program

The Model Wealth Program is a managed, fee-based investment program available through Cornerstone Wealth Management. We offer more than 50 professionally managed investment portfolios constructed with mutual funds and exchange-traded funds.* The Model Wealth Program seeks to benefit investors by providing ongoing monitoring, regular rebalancing, plus management and oversight by Cornerstone Wealth Management’s Investment Policy Committee.

*Mutual fund and ETF investing involves risk, including loss of principal. No strategy assures success or protects against loss.

LPL Platforms

LPL Financial offers several centrally managed platforms that make it easy to choose portfolios that fit with your clients’ goals, while also increasing your business efficiency.

Do It Yourself

As the owner of your business, you always have the option to create portfolios for your clients. You’ll have access to a deep lineup of mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, bonds, alternative investments, structured products and fee-based variable annuities that you can use to provide clients with highly customized wealth strategies.