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Succession Opportunities

Whether you want to plan for your retirement or take on more business, Cornerstone can help you achieve your goals.

Succession Planning

While advisors do an excellent job of planning for their clients’ futures, they often forget about planning for themselves. Cornerstone aids and encourages the protection of the business you’ve worked hard to build. Our advisors can take advantage of our Sunset Option to assist in valuing their book and structuring their sale to seek to provide the highest possible value.

Buying New Business

Being part of another advisor’s succession plan allows them to provide continuity for their clients while you grow your business. If you’re looking to acquire a book of business, you’ll have the Cornerstone team supporting you every step of the way. We can help you find a good fit, communicate with the other advisor, determine value, provide financing and structure the agreement.

Unforeseen Circumstances

Should an unexpected death occur, Cornerstone will pay the advisor’s beneficiary double their trailing 12-month advisory revenue over the course of four years or 2.5 times their trailing advisory revenue if they are part of the Cornerstone Model Wealth Program (provided a continuation plan is on file). The advisor’s clients will then be matched to another advisor within the firm that has a similar business model, investment policy and specialized service.

This arrangement aims to give CWM advisors confidence that their families and clients will be taken care of and their legacy continued, if sudden death occurs.