Support that Simplifies Your Success

Cornerstone offers you the infrastructure and the flexibility to customize your business and provide greater control over the client experience through support, structure, and scale.


During your transition, you will receive a dedicated transition specialist who works behind the scenes to help you seamlessly transition your clients in the first three months. You’ll also work with an advisor mentor in our FastStart program to help you navigate LPL and its systems. After your initial three months, we offer our Back to Business coaching program in which you will be paired with a peer advisor to help you get systems and processes in place to efficiently run your business going forward. Post transition, we offer regular meetings, ongoing coaching, and idea and resource sharing.


From compliance, technology, software, marketing tools, websites, social media and branding, we have recommended systems and well-established resources to help you operate your business smoothly, while giving you more flexibility and control over the individual client experience.


Tap into resources and services available to our advisors – often at a discount – that will help streamline your practice and client experience. Because of our growing community, we can leverage our scale to provide priority client events planned by Cornerstone, a network of vetted service providers, and investment models that not only perform well but are also attractively priced. You have the option to use any or all of these resources, but they’ll always be available to you.

Providing you abundant resources and a supportive team

  • Coaching & Peer Groups

    Cornerstone advisors can choose to be part of a coaching or peer group through the Cornerstone Institute. These groups meet regularly to enhance their business with best practices and strategies to increase productivity, or to focus on refining a particular area of their business. We come together to help solve each other’s challenges, highlight opportunities, and share efficiencies. After each meeting, advisors have tangible takeaways and action items to use in their own practice and accountability from their peers to meet their goals.

  • Investment Team

    Free up your time to manage client relationships instead of investments by plugging into on Cornerstone Wealth Portfolios. This managed, fee-based investment program offers principled portfolio construction that can help clients pursue their financial goals and give you more time for financial planning, prospecting, or other pursuits. Cornerstone Wealth Portfolios has more than 50 professionally managed investment portfolios constructed with mutual funds and ETFs, with incredibly competitive pricing and impressive performance history. The program provides ongoing monitoring, regular rebalancing, and a dedicated team supporting our advisors.

  • Marketing

    Having a resource for marketing ideas, recommendations and implementation means you don’t have to do it alone. With an in-house marketing manager, advisors get regular guidance on the tools and resources that will make the most of their marketing and communication efforts, including prospect materials, client communication, customized websites, social media, advertising, and events. Thanks to the size of our community, we can crowdsource marketing ideas, identify what’s working and make those available to all advisors via our internal website. You don’t have to come up with ideas on your own, but if you do, Cornerstone’s marketing manager is here to help guide and execute alongside you.
  • Compliance

    By relieving advisors of compliance management duties, they have more time to focus on serving clients. Our in-house compliance team includes producing advisors, so they work cooperatively with advisors and oversee trades, annuity orders, email correspondence, new accounts, and advertising/marketing efforts. We also keep up with new and changing compliance regulations and inform our advisors of these when needed. Compliance can be a time-consuming and costly task, so Cornerstone takes on this burden, allowing advisors to focus on growing their businesses.

  • Events & Shared Experiences

    Time together is one of the most valuable resources Cornerstone provides to clients. Throughout the year, we organize several occasions for advisors to gather for both learning and camaraderie, offering you the chance to connect with other advisors in our community. Additionally, LPL Financial hosts several annual conferences, filled with opportunities to network, discover new solutions, and learn business development skills from industry experts. As part of the Cornerstone community, you have the chance to spend time with other advisors outside of the office for happy hours, golf tournaments, ball games, dinners, and much more.

Providing a Seamless Transition

Cornerstone Wealth Management has a time-tested, proven transition process to ensure a smooth path to independence, whether you’re new to private practice or changing independent models. Our transition team is dedicated to your success in joining Cornerstone. Our transition specialists are trained and experienced in our proven process for helping advisors transfer accounts to LPL Financial. They ease the burden of transitioning by handling all the behind-the-scenes tasks and working with LPL’s systems, so you can focus on your clients and not get bogged down by all the details and responsibilities that come with the account transfer process. You’ll have a dedicated Cornerstone transition specialist for the first three months to free up your time to talk with clients.